Save Energy, Save NY

Catskill Mountainkeeper recognizes that energy efficiency is arguably the most important factor in reducing our carbon emissions so we have launched the “Save Energy, Save NY” campaign to bring information to New Yorkers about what we can do to change our habits and reduce energy usage in our daily lives.

To combat climate change we need to come to terms with the fact that we live on a finite planet that cannot support infinite demands.  This thought process is a major shift from our current consumer culture but unless we change our ways and practice system-wide energy conservation on a large scale, we will continue to feel the disastrous effects of climate change, experience more catastrophic storms, put our food and water at risk    and experience threats to our health.

In this section you will find information on how to save energy at home and in your businesses; how to make your homes more energy efficient; ways to offset your carbon footprint; how to strive for zero waste; and links to where you can buy healthy, local food.

Catskill Mountainkeeper supports Governor Cuomo’s Build Smart NY initiative to reduce the State’s energy usage by 20% by 2020.  We are working to increase popular support of the program through grassroots activism to encourage like-minded initiatives.