Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Renewable Energy

From the electricity we use in our homes and places of work, to the fuel we use to power our cars, lawnmowers, and generators, each of our choices has an impact on the environment and on the amount of carbon and other greenhouse gasses we release into the atmosphere.

Here are some ways you can reduce your carbon footprint at home, at work, and when you travel:

soler renewableSwitch to Renewable Energy

Switch your electricity to renewable electricity through your current electricity provider.  Many energy companies give you the option of supporting alternative energy for just a few cents more per month.   If you can afford to switch, let your energy company know you support alternative power.  By sourcing your electricity from alternative sources, you will not only reduce your carbon impact, you will increase the demand for alternative energy, which will cause a shift towards more alternative energy production in New York.  To see if your electric company offers alternative energy, click here.

Install Solar Power in Your Home or Business

There are a number of options available to install solar power in your home or business at little to no cost.  Companies like Sungevity, SolarCity and Sun Run will allow you to lease panels to cover the cost of electricity for your home at a price that may be lower than what your are currently paying for electricity.

Offset Your Carbon

Offsetting the carbon you produce is another simple way to reduce your overall carbon impact.  Organizations like the Bonneville Environmental Foundation offer ways to purchase renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets for your day-to-day activities and travel.  When you purchase a carbon offset, your money goes towards supporting efforts to reduce carbon in the short and long term by supporting renewable energy projects.

Many major airlines will now allow you to offset the carbon emissions of your flight when you purchase tickets online.  For just a few extra dollars, you can make your flight net-carbon neutral.

Use Energy Savings Techniques in Your Home

Roughly 43% of the average utility bill goes to heating or cooling your living space.  Learn about simple steps to reduce your heating costs and do your part to help our planet!