Mountainkeeper High Peaks Regional Director Kathy Nolan on YNN

High Peaks Director Kathy Nolan on YNN

APRIL 13, 20112: ULSTER COUNTY, N.Y. — Ulster County Executive Mike Hein has banned the use of hydrofracking brine.
Hein says the issue is about counties using salt brine as a bi-product of hydrofracking on their roadways in order to remove ice. Residents worry the move would cause environmental damage and leak into their water.
Advocates say the ban will assure residents that the brine will never be used.
“This executive order basically says Ulster County does not want to participate in any way in the handling of these waste products from hydrofracking drilling activities and it protects the environment and it protects people’s health. I also hope it will serve as a model for other counties around New York State,” said Dr. Kathy Nolan, Catskill Mountain Keeper Regional Director.
Hein says the action is a preventative measure intended to compensate for the time it will take for the Ulster County Legislature to adopt a local law banning the use of fracking waste brine by county government.

Please attend the Public Hearing on the Ulster County Legislature’s Law (April 17th at 7 pm at UNY/Ulster (UCCC) GYM at 491 Cottekill Road, Stone Ridge)



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