March 11, 2009, CMJ: Medeski, Martin And Wood are accepting applications to Camp MMW, to be held in the wild Catskill Mountains

Medeski, Martin And Woods
Mar 11, 2009
Story by: Krista N. Levy
Jazz phenom trio, Medeski, Martin And Wood, are currently accepting applications to their second annual Camp MMW, to be held in the wild Catskill Mountains of Big Indian, NY, August 4 to August 9. After great success last summer, Camp MMW has returned for an encore in hopes of teaching musicians of all skill levels about creativity, rhythm, and musical exploration through workshops, seminars and lectures. Anyone age 16 and up with varying experience in any instrument are encouraged to apply by April 1 for one of the limited 80 spots.

Competition will be fierce as the attendee is given the opportunity to augment their knowledge of music through intensive learning as well as interactions with other attendees and the camp’s namesake post-rock jazzbos.

Set at the Full Moon resort, which is quaintly tucked within the vast 80,000 acres of New York’s Catskill Mountain forest-scape, Medeski, Martin and Wood teach many of the workshops themselves in addition to delivering exclusive performances. The camp also incorporates a plethora of guest speakers and special performances that embody the camp's "breaking boundaries" attitude.

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