June 26, 2012 – Action Alert: Is Fracking Coming to New York?

Last week Governor Cuomo announced on WGDJ radio in Albany that “we don’t have a hard date, but it will be done shortly”, signaling that the state will adopt a policy on fracking soon. This statement comes days after the Governor’s office leaked a plan to the New York Times (in which Mountainkeeper was quoted) that would allow hydrofracking permits in Broome, Tioga, Chenango, Chemung and Steuben counties near the Pennsylvania border and would give local communities a say in whether or not gas wells would be drilled (Listen to Ramsay Adams interviewed on WBAI NYC Public Radio).

Our response to the Governor’s plan was swift and strong.  Mountainkeeper immediately convened a meeting of the top environmental groups in the state and together we organized a press conference and rally in Albany on June 20th.   We told the Governor that it is unacceptable to sacrifice any area of New York State to fracking.

Whether the Governor plans to drill 5 counties or 62, the danger of fracking is still the same.  In states that are being fracked, water and air are being polluted and most importantly people are getting sick.  And yet, no comprehensive scientific study has been done by the State to determine the impacts of fracking on health.  We have been calling on the state to do a Health Impact Assessment (HIA), (a broad-spectrum scientific review of both the qualitative and quantitative information related to the impacts on health of fracking), for years.  The State Assembly passed a bill to have it done last week, but the campanion bill was blocked in the State Senate, leaving it up to the Governor to order one.  click here to read the rest

We also urge you to join with Mountainkeeper at the Stop The Frack Attack Rally in Washington DC on July 28thThis National Day of Action is aimed at challenging the oil and gas industry’s control over our national policies.  Now is the time for us all to unite and demand no more drilling that harms public health, water, and air.  It is time to put communities and the environment first and to demand an end to special subsidies for the industry.  Visit the StopTheFrackAttack.org website for more information.

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