Flooding in CO

Dear President Obama,

I am heartbroken over the pictures I’ve seen of the flooding destruction in Colorado and terrified of a similar catastrophe happening here in New York if fracking is approved. The thought of waste from fracking overrunning centralized facilities (the new name for open waste pits) in our flood prone state is a likely scenario that is just too great a risk.

I know that the Department of Environmental Conservation has worked hard on creating regulations to protect the public from the downsides of fracking but a
tragedy of the magnitude of the Colorado flooding eviscerates the theory that these regulations could protect us.

I don’t want the kind of contamination that has happened on the local level in Colorado to happen in New York and I don’t want to have to worry that the toxic waste from fracking that could spread into our waters and poison my family.

I implore you to take whatever political risks are necessary to support clean energy solutions that can meet our energy needs without sacrificing our planet.

Thank you for your consideration.

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