February 25, 2009, Mid Hudson News: Supreme Court ruling on land in trust issue may impact the future of Sullivan gaming

Supreme Court ruling on land in trust issue may impact the future of
Sullivan gaming
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MONTICELLO – The US Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Native American
tribes that were not under federal jurisdiction in 1934 cannot follow
the land into trust process of the Indian Reorganization Act.

That may present ramifications for tribes trying to gain permission to
develop gaming in Sullivan County.

Right now the Seneca Nation of Indians wants to build a casino in the
Town of Thompson, but it will need land placed in trust by the US
Department of the Interior.

Pattern for Progress President Jonathan Drapkin, a resident of
Sullivan County, said casinos are but one potential form of economic
development, if they ever do become reality.

“For the benefit of the people who live in Sullivan County, it remains
one alternative but not the only alternative,” he said. “With each new
twist and turn, the story seems to continue for another year, another
decade, and while it is one good strategy that can help with revival
of the economy in Sullivan County, it must not be the only one.”

A spokesman for the Senecas Tuesday said they were researching to
determine if the ruling appeals to them.

Meanwhile, Senator Charles Schumer said he would lobby the new
Interior secretary to take a fresh look at the casino proposed by the
Stockbridge Munsee Tribe of Mohicans, in Bridgeville.

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