Study of the Economic Value of the Delaware River Basin

On May 25, 2011, Gerald J. Kauffman of the University of Delaware Water Resources Agency DGS Annex, prepared a study of the Socioeconomic Value of the Delaware River Basin in Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.  It concludes that the Delaware River Basin, which supplies drinking water to some of the largest metropolitan economies, including New York City and Philadelphia has been an economic engine for the last 400 years.

It contributes $22 billion in annual economic activity from recreation, water quality, water supply, hunting/fishing, ecotourism, forest, agriculture, open space, and port benefits. It provides ecosystem goods and services (natural capital) of $21 billion per year in 2010 dollars with net present value (NPV) of $683 billion discounted over 100 years and is directly/indirectly responsible for 600,000 jobs with $10 billion in annual wages. Fracking in the Delaware River Basin would put this all at risk. For the full report, click here.