‘CITY THAT DRINKS THE MOUNTAIN SKY’ (Saturday) In case you haven’t guessed, that city is New York, and the mountains are the Catskills, the ultimate source of all that pours from local taps. This production uses poetry, music and puppets to tell the whole story of the New York water supply, from the prehistoric melting of the glaciers to the present. At 1:30 p.m., TriBeCa Performing Arts Center, Borough of Manhattan Community College, 199 Chambers Street, (212) 220-1460, tribecapac.org; $25.

Arm of the Sea Theatre

City That Drinks the Mountain Sky

Saturday, October 25 @ 1:30PM


With poetry, puppetry and evocative music, City That Drinks the Mountain Sky brings alive the lyrical landscape of the Catskills, portraying the ongoing story of the watershed and those who must protect its vulnerable flowing treasure. Expect visual punch and timely wit as the Hudson Valley’s premier eco-logic theater traces life’s quintessential liquid from mountaintop to city tap.

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