Editorial: Energy plan must consider whole state

Posted Apr 17, 2008 @ 05:30 PM

The executive order issued last week by Gov. David Paterson to create a comprehensive state energy plan is long overdue and needs input from all localities so that the resulting policy doesn’t pit one part of the state against another. 

Instead, the resulting plan should carefully assess the state’s future energy needs and determine the best way to meet those needs with the least negative impact on the people. 

Paterson ordered the establishment of a state energy planning board to work on such a plan, which has been lacking since the old policy expired Jan. 1, 2003. The policy was restructured in 1998, when utilities were required to sell off their generation facilities and a wholesale competitive market for electricity was created. Prior to that, investor-owned utilities had owned electricity generation plants and transmission lines and distributed energy to customers. 

The state has been without an official energy policy since one expired Jan. 1, 2003. The lack of policy is one reason why some upstate communities now face a threat from the power line being proposed by New York Regional Interconnect. The proposed 1,200-megawatt line would run from Marcy to Orange County and would cut through the very heart of this region. 

Paul DeCotis, state Deputy Secretary for Energy and the chairman of the new planning board, said any future policy would not have a direct effect on NYRI’s proposal, which already has been filed with the state Public Service Commission. Mike Steiger of the NYRI opposition group Upstate New York Citizens Alliance believes the PSC will deny the application, which he says is flawed. Steiger says an energy policy will provide a plan so that another NYRI doesn’t come along after this. 

But there is no denying that state power needs are changing. New York can’t afford a piece-meal policy, and upstate residents can’t afford to fight one power line at a time. 

Having a firm policy can focus on future energy needs and make sure steps taken to address those needs are fair to all the people of the state.

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Villa Roma rebounds; increases expected in tourism and jobs

Villa Roma rebounds; increases expected in tourism and jobs
The main entrance of the Villa Roma remains under construction, but soon the facility will sport a spiffy new look.Times Herald-Record/CHET GORDON

Victor Whitman

Wild trout: a different kettle of fish

Wild trout: a different kettle of fish
Thursday, April 24, 2008
Photo of
Photographer: Marc Schultz

Joshua Argus, 6, of Wilton is shown by Ron Dorn of the Clearwater chapter of Trout Unlimited the correct way to tie a fly for trout fishing.

Think you can tell a wild trout from a stockie? And is there a reason to differentiate between the two?

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Thomas Cole Exhibition Includes Famous Katterskill Falls Sketch

April 23, 2008

It was announced today by Elizabeth Jacks, director of The Thomas Cole National Historic Site at Cedar Grove, the launch of the 2008 season with an exhibition of rarely seen oil sketches of famous Cole paintings, including Cole’s oil study for Kaaterskill Falls. The 2008 special exhibition, "Thomas Cole’s Sketch Paintings: An Exploration of the Creative Process" opens to the public on Sunday May 4. There will be a free viewing of the exhibition on opening day (10am to 2pm). Many of the objects are coming from several private collections and therefore have rarely been seen by the public. In addition, renowned Smithsonian American Art Museum Chief Curator, Eleanor Jones Harvey, will be guest speaker at 2pm. The talk is $7  for non-members and $5 for members.
Cedar Grove Director, Elizabeth Jacks, will be a guest on the WAMC morning talk show, Roundtable May 2. Your interest in attending and covering the May 4 event is welcome and appreciated.

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