NYRI touts economic benefits of power line

In an effort to convince hostile communities of its apparent benefits, the huge power line proposed for our region says it will pay some $37.2 million in property taxes.
New York Regional Interconnect recently sent a letter to counties, municipalities and school districts along its 190-mile route outlining the estimated millions in taxes and lower electric rates its says the 10-story-tall power lines would bring.
The eight counties that would be sliced by NYRI all oppose the power line.
But while NYRI touts property tax benefits, opponents have said the line would actually lower land values. NYRI has also asked the federal government for reimbursement for construction costs, which would be passed to ratepayers.

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Dirks: Vanishing brookies are a warning

A brook trout.

It’s Fathers Day weekend, and I’ve decided to fish for our local char, salvelinus fontinalis, or brook trout. There’s still some water, although now private, that has an exceptionally healthy population of wild brook trout roaming about it. That’s where my internal GPS wants me to go.

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Introduction to Catskills

Catskills Travel Guide

The groundbreaking American conservation movement originated in the Catskill Mountains, 6,000 square miles of mountains, rivers, forests, and parkland considered America’s First Wilderness. Though just 100 miles north of New York City, the region’s natural state has been remarkably preserved, thanks to the state constitution that designated a quarter of a million acres "forever wild" forest and the region’s importance as the watershed for New York City and almost half the state. Yet natural beauty is not what many people know the region for: Mention "The Catskills" and most Americans of a certain age conjure either nostalgic or dreaded notions of resort vacations from another era.

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