Over a Thousand Businesses Across the State Call on Governor Cuomo to Reject Fracking

Business Leaders Argue Fracking Won’t Create Jobs; Will Harm Food and Water Safety and Existing NY-Based Businesses

(Albany, NY) New Yorkers Against Fracking, a coalition of diverse organizations, including founding member Catskill Mountainkeeper, announced today that over 1,000 businesses had signed on in support of a statewide ban on fracking, joining health groups, political organizations, consumer groups, and environmental organizations.

The businesses noted that fracking had failed to create jobs in other states – with a national report showing that jobs were moving from the gas industry to the oil industry in Texas and Louisiana and West Virginia data showing that shale gas had not been a job boom – and unnecessarily put people’s health at risk. Furthermore, businesses fear that fracking will jeopardize current jobs and reduce job growth in many industries.

“The gas industry makes a lot of claims about jobs,” said Larry Bennett of Brewery Ommegang. “But we have actually been creating jobs in upstate New York and know that fracking will make it harder for us to grow our business.”
Food industry leaders recently came out in opposition to fracking because of its detrimental effect on agriculture, food safety and water. “This goes beyond affecting chefs, it could have a huge impact on those who live in upstate New York,” said Bill Telepan of Telepan Restaurant. “The drinking water, and the land, and the food upstate will be affected – and then all of us will be affected.”
“Our business depends on water,” said Steve Hindy of Brooklyn Brewery. “We can’t take the chance that fracking wastewater contaminates our state’s water supplies.”

“As responsible business owners, it is imperative that we educate ourselves on the harms of fracking,” said Heather Carlucci, Chef at PRINT. “Hydraulic fracturing, or natural gas drilling, can easily damage our water table and food sources and thus harm two of New York State’s great economic strongholds, tourism and restaurant businesses.”

“In the last two years my companies have created over 100 jobs in New York City, so I know something about job creation. This much is clear: fracking isn’t the answer to our economic woes. Study after study shows green energy creates more local jobs than fossil fuel production over the short and long term. We need a real economic development vision for all of New York that includes local agriculture, tourism, and small business support. Governor Cuomo should start working on that and keep New York safe from fracking,” said Guillaume Gauthereau, co-founder and CEO of Totsy.com and 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

“Within a generation, western New York will be the major breadbasket for the Northeast,” said Art Hunt of Hunt Country Vineyards. “We have abundant clean water, clean air and fertile soil. We cannot afford to lose precious acres to development that can harm our water and other natural resources if we hope to continue to feed this country in the future.”

Since the possibility of allowing fracking in the Southern Tier was publicly aired last month, opponents to fracking have been raising their voices. Almost 10,000 people have emailed or called Governor Cuomo and New Yorkers Against Fracking has held rallies across the state including Rockville Center (in Senate Majority Leader Skelos’ district), Brooklyn, Poughkeepsie, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany (at the Governor’s office). Major artists, including Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and hundreds of others, announced their opposition to fracking with the launch of Artists Against Fracking. Just last week, the Senate Democrats held a forum on fracking in NYC that indicated serious ethical impropriety on behalf of the NYS DEC in colluding with the gas industry, and also showed that serious health, economic, and environmental concerns have not been addressed in the DEC’s review of fracking.

Leaders of the effort at the press conference announced that the businesses pledged to continue organizing businesses throughout the summer.

It is Time to March — Join Debra Winger, Josh Fox, and Bill McKibben in Albany on August 27th

United We Stand

Join together with Climate Activist and 350.org Co-Founder Bill McKibben, Academy Award Nominated Actress Debra Winger, Academy Award nominated Filmaker Josh Fox, and Leaders From Across New York State on Monday, August 27th to March on Albany


On August 27th, New Yorkers from across the state will be converging on Albany for DON’T FRACK NY, a major mobilization to demand a ban on fracking.

At this event, we will be presenting to Governor Cuomo the “Pledge to Resist Fracking in New York,” a powerful proclamation of our commitment to stop fracking.

Will you join with Mountainkeeper and thousands of New Yorkers in signing the pledge? Click here to sign the Pledge. Currently, there are over 1,300 signatories.

DON’T FRACK NY will be an important moment in the anti-fracking movement. All eyes around the world are on New York – Get on the bus and come to Albany to make your voices heard!

Click here to read the letter from Josh Fox and Biologist Sandra Steingraber on why it is so important to come to Albany on August 27th.

Mountainkeeper will be rallying with Grassroots Leaders, Debra Winger, Bill McKibben, and Josh Fox and then marching to the capitol to deliver the Pledge.

Here are the event details:

WHAT: Don’t Frack New York – Pledge to resist fracking
WHEN: Monday August 27th, 11 AM
WHERE: March begins at the Amphitheater in the Corning City Preserve, Albany, New York.  The Park is located across from the Hudson River Way Pedestrian Bridge, at the corner of Broadway & Pine Street.  Click here for a map