how to enjoy Phoenicia in the Catskills

How To Enjoy Phoenicia In The Catskills

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PhoeniciaA small but tranquil area in the Catskill Mountain region in New York is Phoenicia. Located in the northeast area, it has a population of 381 determined by the 2000 census. Its railroad system was one of the first to be developed in the area, making it a vital component of its tourism industry which remains up to this day one of the major movers of its economy. It is a bustling town that remains a very popular destination for many travelers.

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Bear facts: Dutchess County is full of them!

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By Bill Conners • Outdoors columnist • May 22, 2008

Some hapless driver last week probably endured what surely had to be the scare of a lifetime. The driver didn’t hang around for a photo-op or interview, but he or she probably would have had a story to tell if they had hung around.
The evidence of the incident was discovered on Salt Point Turnpike in Pleasant Valley. The carcass of a 250-pound black bear was discovered around dawn on Thursday. It made the ultimate sacrifice in a battle with a motor vehicle. It is not clear whether it was a truck or a car, according to everyone I’ve spoken to so far.

Matt Lawlor of Matt’s Auto Body in Salt Point carted it off to a local taxidermist. It’s far better to have the hide spend eternity as a rug or a wall hanging instead of allowing it to rot away in a landfill. Me? I’d probably get more of a kick out of the head staring down on dinner guests in the dining room. Lawlor didn’t hit the bear; he just got the necessary permits to take possession of it.

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