Introducing the sport of streaming

The Daily Freeman

Please, no derisive tittering in the background when I now reveal the discovery of a new Catskill sport.

STREAMING is the name and please do not confuse it with the electronic business of "streaming" on your friendly, local computer.

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Tornados have a history in region

MECHANICVILLE — The tornado here might have been the worst in recent memory, but it was not the first, and it will not be the last.

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More bobcats prowl in Sullivan

Taxidermist says once-rare catch on rise every year
Taxidermist Rod Smith says that he gets about 10 bobcats during the average hunting season, but this season he took in 30. Smith details a bobcat, above, at his shop in Callicoon.Times Herald-Record/MICHELE HASKELL

Adam Bosch

YOUNGSVILLE — Hunter Jim Hemmer was ecstatic when he shot a 20-pound bobcat in January. Bobcats are a treasured prize for local hunters because they’re timid, stealthy and relatively rare.

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NYRI a hot topic for AG

Aside from NYRI concerns, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo addresses health care, insurance companies and college loans to the audience at Monhagen Middle School in Middletown.THRecord/JohnDeSanto

Heather Yakin

MIDDLETOWN — The crowd packed the auditorium Thursday night at Monhagen Middle School in Middletown, looking for information.

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Landowners getting trampled in gas rights rush

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Preston County landowner Brad Castle stands on the grounds of his father’s business, Cool Springs Park, near Rowlesburg, W.Va., Thursday, May 23, 2008. Castle’s father and other neighboring landowners recently leased the oil and gas rights to a company for an extremely low price of $5 an acre. (AP Photo/Dale Sparks)

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Camping conscientiously


Business carbon impact worksheet   Household carbon impact worksheet