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When Governor Cuomo banned high volume hydraulic fracturing—i.e. fracking—it seemed that NY State would be protected from the toxic gas extraction practice that has poisoned air, water, and communities worldwide. But that’s not how it’s playing out: a gas company is now trying to get around our ban by proposing to frack using liquid propane gas (LPG) as a fracking agent, instead of water. 

The gas industry argues that because this extraction technique uses LPG rather than water, it is not high volume hydraulic fracking and therefore does not fall under NY State’sfracking ban.

Summer in the Catskills is fantastic, filled with terrific concerts, farmers markets, hikes, events for learning, and endless opportunities to get outside and play in nature. Read on for info about great upcoming events on Catskill Mountainkeeper’s calendar, and invite you to join us in celebrating everything that makes the Catskills so special and worth protecting.

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What do you enjoy most at a picnic? Salad? Pie? Chips and salsa or guacamole? Sandwiches? What if I told you that all of those foods could become a thing of the past because the creatures that make them possible—pollinators—are in crisis? The good news is that you can help.

I Want to Save Pollinators!

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