What’s Wrong With Fracking

What’s wrong with Fracking?

The answer is “almost everything”.  In this section you will find information about the many ways that fracking is bad for our environment, bad for our health and bad for our communities.

Problems include:   Air Pollution; Threat to the Catskill Park; Threat to the Delaware River Basin;
Increased incidence of Earthquakes; Threat to our Economy; Danger of toxic chemicals being spread by Flooding; Danger to our Food Supply; Severe Health ImpactsMortgage Problems; Threat to the Social Welfare of our communities; Toxic Wastewater and Water Contamination.

Read how fracking has affected people like you.

Based on extensive study and scientific evidence, Catskill Mountainkeeper has called for a ban on fracking. We are also working within the existing regulatory process in New York to raise critical issues, widen the discussion of the impacts of drilling, and expand the options available to protect the public.