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Catskill Mountainkeeper’s programs focus on protecting, promoting and enhancing the natural beauty, economy and wildlife in the seven county Catskill region. To date, the immediacy, importance and the size of the gas drilling threat has in many ways dwarfed all other significant issues. In this section you will find detailed, in depth information about why drilling for gas using high volume hydraulic fracturing “fracking” would be such a disaster for our region and state. You will also find information about what Catskill Mountainkeeper is doing to promote sustainable alternatives to drilling, including advancing the renewable energy sector and helping to grow the economy through sustainable development.

The Catskills are now at a crossroads. What we do right now and in the next few years will determine what our region will be like for decades to come. We are choosing to protect our neighbors, land and water from the industrial impacts of fracking. We are choosing a sensible and strategic alternative -- utilizing our natural resources, natural beauty, and close proximity to one of the largest economic markets in the world to build an economic future in tourism and agriculture.

Please use this section of our website to become educated about the threats and opportunities in the Catskills by exploring our current programs:



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